UK Projects/ Activity

UK Projects/ Activity

Crane upgrade solution for Hafele distribution centre (February 2013)

Stöcklin UK has completed an upgrade of four cranes at the Hafele distribution centre in Rugby, adapting the existing crane control system to ensure compliance with BS EN 528, Rail Dependent Storage and Retrieval Systems (Safe Access for Operators).

As part of the four month hoist and control system upgrade programme, Stöcklin engineers are installing and commissioning a bespoke connection box on each crane, allowing a mobile panel to be introduced which in turn enables connection to a Simatic PLC.

The work will extend the life of each Hafele crane by an estimated ten years, with the modern drive and control system also offering considerable benefits in terms of improved diagnostics. Quick and easy fault diagnostics (covering limit switches, E-stops, door switches etc) take the operator directly to the cause of a fault, with a full history maintained to allow for persistent faults to be monitored and addressed. The new system also allows hourly metering of the hoist and travel usage on each crane – data which may be used as part of a preventative maintenance programme.

The upgrade also brings added safety and security, with inputs to the PLC making it more difficult to bypass individual safety or security elements.

Refurbishment programme at Western Power – Exeter (February 2013)

The warehouse logistics system at Western Power’s distribution centre in Exeter is undergoing refurbishment by Stöcklin. The project which is due to be completed in February 2013, involves the installation of new electro-distance measuring equipment and the replacement of obsolete touch screens.

The new distance lasers are to be fitted on all automatic cranes on site, replacing the existing CAN bus encoders and toothed belts. With a simple ‘plug and play’ set up, the distance measuring lasers will provide improved reliability and accuracy and, with no moving or wearing parts, significantly reduced maintenance requirements.

As part of the same upgrade programme, Stöcklin is also to replace the touch screens on the shuttle cars with 10.4″ TFT models.

Upgraded Handling System for RS Components (July 2012)

Stöcklin UK has designed a module to enable the load handling devices at RS Components distribution centre in Nuneaton to be converted from PCB control to a PLC control. The new system is now fully compatible with the company’s Warehouse Management System and operates with a greater degree of control and reliability than the old, allowing goods to be handled more consistently and safely.

One converter unit is being installed in each motor drive, with the company’s 27 crane load handling devices each requiring four converters. At the request of RS, the upgrade programme is taking place over a 12 month period, with the simple “plug and play” installation being undertaken by RS to suit their tight production schedules.

Motor Upgrade for RS Components Reduces Energy Consumption by 60% (July 2012)

Stöcklin UK is upgrading all the motors and drives on the conveyor transfer points at RS Components’ distribution centre in Nuneaton.

Operating more efficiently and at significantly lower temperatures than the original motors, the Stöcklin solution negates the need for cooling fans, resulting in energy consumption being reduced by approximately 60%. An important point for RS was the quick and flexible delivery and installation of all components, along with their guaranteed long-term availability and back-up services.

Part of a major modernization programme, the motor upgrade is being undertaken during weekends to minimise any operational disruption to RS Components.

Goods Inwards Modernization for Western Power, Exeter (July 2012)

As specialists in the refurbishment and upgrading of Warehouse Management Systems, Stöcklin UK has recently completed a modernization programme for Western Power in Exeter.

Focussing on the Goods Inwards area, the company has installed an automatic selection process with an upgraded optical tracking system that interfaces fully with the existing Warehouse Management System.